Wouldn't it be nice if the Dice always fell in your favour?

In this game, they can- if you manage a way into their hearts...

  • Part Strategy-Roguelike, Part Dating Simulator!
  • When the Funky Lich turns all the people in the land into dice-based puns, it's up to you and your newly formed party of adventures to save the day!
  • Use your dice-turned party to defeat dangerous enemies!
  • Form relationships with your dice to make them roll better- or neglect them and make their rolls worse...

Fighting and Loving

  • The game is played in three phases: Walking on the Map, Fighting and Flirting!
  • After each successful combat encounter you gain a new card in your deck- and a bouquet of flowers to give the the die of your dreams.
  • The better your relationship with a certain dice, the better they roll. But be careful: Neglected dice will try to sabotage you!
  • There is a known bug where the Jealousy-Icon will appear for the wrong dice. As far as we know, this is only a visual bug, though.
  • Managing your cards in the "Card" Menu, accessible from the map, can be the key to success!

Attacks and Effects

Mastering the knowledge of your own abilities is just as important as knowing your enemy. Here are the kinds of attacks you can expect to stumble upon:

  • Damage - Straight forward. Deals damage to the opponent.
  • Heal - Heals a dice roll amount's worth.
  • Shield - Fills up the user's Shield value. When attacked, the Shield value will take all hits until it hits 0. All Shields will reset back to zero at the start of the user's next turn, though!
  • Energy - On your turn, you can play as many cards as you have in your deck- or as many as you have the Energy to play. Certain attacks will try to suck Energy from their opponents or give themselves more Energy per turn.
  • Dodge - Dodging allows the user to circumvent one attack completely. You can activate multiple dodges to ignore multiple attack! Just beware: Like the Shield, the user's Dodges reset to 0 on their next turn!
  • Steal/Super Steal - Certain Enemies can steal your cards! This powerful tool only has one usage each per combat encounter (although some enemies have multiple "Steal" cards that they can then play once). A variant of Steal, "Super Steal" also adds the stolen card to the Enemy's temporary deck!
  • Poison - A particularly nasty tactic used by strong fighters. Getting poisoned adds a Poison Meter to your heart. At the end of your turn, you'll take damage equal to the Poison Meter! But there's hope: After damaging you, the poison gets weaker, until it disappears. Enemies can still try to add more poison to the wound, though!


This game was made by Thick As Thieves:

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenreCard Game
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Dice, Roguelite, Short, Strategy RPG, Turn-Based Combat, Unity
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsMouse, Touchscreen
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, Subtitles, High-contrast


WinBuild.zip 70 MB


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This is wonderful. I would love a way to speed up or skip the text; I value all my friendships with all my dice friends, of course, but I don't actually want to wait for them to finish saying "this one's for you, pal!" five times in a turn.


I don't care about your personality, I'm only into you because you're a 10

Is there any advice for this game? I often die at the beholder, and it seems impossible to really keep up with the jealousy mechanic, given it happens every turn a few turns in.

Sure! I know that the balancing is a bit off, but with only 48 hours it was pretty hard to get right. While there is always some luck involved, some winning strategies so far were gaining hearts with the Wizard (D6) and then hoping to get a Firecube card and have more effective shields, or gaining hearts with the Barbarian (D12) and then getting the rage card, which stacks, meaning each time you play it, you gain +1 to every attack you do.

The fact that you can never be active friends with everybody was an intended game mechanic though! That way, players need to balance the positives and negatives though. Not sure if it helps, but the mechanic works in the way that after three rounds, random dice will get jealous but dice that have already been given a gift get jealous with a higher priority.

Good Luck and thanks for enjoying the game!


Thanks! I really am enjoying it, and have figured out that sometimes it's better to let certain dice grow distant (after all, SOMEONE has to do the attacks against a dodging enemy). I'd love to see this explored in a full game concept, potentially.

Honestly, I feel like the one thing I'd *really* add for balance is for healing to be possible from other classes. Sometimes you can get unlucky and not get any healing abilities after any of the battles, and if you end up with the navigator (D20) completely distant, it's incredibly tough to avoid slowly getting your health chipped away through constant nat 1 battles. But overall, this is a charming game, that I hope to potentially see more of!

Thanks! We'll take that feedback into consideration for sure!


Yoooo! The art and the characters are so good! And the gameplay flows super well, too!


wow, good stuff! this is probably the most mechanically interesting game i've seen so far



In such a short time,



It was a pretty ambitious idea for the jam and somehow you pulled it off- respect!